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Marion Primary School is located in the vicinity of the Laffers Triangle and the Warriparringa Wetlands and is close to the Sturt River and Westfield Shopping Centre. The School is set amongst gardens, courtyards and playing fields. Ample shaded areas are provided.

The land on which the school is built was, in the early years of the colony, much frequented by Kaurna Aboriginal people. The proximity of the Sturt River and much pleasant forest pasture meant an abundance of game. A burial ground and camp site existed near the Suneden School. The land was bought from the Crown as part of a large estate “Oaklands” by Samuel Kearne. It was then in turn developed by John Crozier as an Orchard and later as a Muscatel vineyard by the Western family until high rate values necessitated the sale of the property and division into gardening allotments. The land was bought by Housing Trust in 1955 and developed as building blocks. The streets adjacent to the school were named after members of the Western family.

Marion Primary School opened in September 1971 as an annexe of Mitchell Park Primary School with 84 students. Mrs. Barbara Denman was the acting Principal. The school was officially opened in February 1972 with an enrolment of 184 students. The staff consisted of seven. Mr. Geoff Tucker was the foundation Principal.

Since opening the school’s enrolment has grown and stabilised to its present level of approximately 150 students. Additional facilities have been provided and the grounds are attractive and well cared for. Parental involvement in classroom activities is high and communication between school and home is welcomed and encouraged

Round floor mosaic in the shape of a dove
Round floor mosaic in the shape of a turtle
Round floor mosaic in the shape of a koala
Round floor mosaic in the shape of a koala
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